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Short-legged Munchkin Persian cats called Napoleons, Minuets, and regular Persians


Available Kittens

We have several kittens available. Most are the silver shaded with black eyeliner.  Carley's  Cattery is a very small program and we NEVER use cages. All cats are  PKD-1 negative and registered with T.I.C.A.   A Napoleon / Minuet is a  Persian and Munchkin Hybrid. A standard has short legs like a dachshund  and a non- standard has normal length legs.   Their hair is bred to be easier to take  care of than a Persian's. None of our kittens have the typical eye drainage issue that Persians suffer from, and their coats are more manageable than a typical Persian. They are smaller than most Persians and have  an excellent personality! Check out my FaceBook page, https://www.facebook.com/carleyscattery/, Please call Lisa at 615-429-7693 if you are interested. 




Blue Thunder

My Breeders

Stormy, Kenzie, Whitney, Thunder, Mia Bella, CeCe, BeBe, Phoenix, and Dusty Lightning  are all breeders of our Napoleon/Minuet cat lines.  By using the Munchkin gene correctly, I'm able to have beautiful cats that look a lot like one of the most popular cats in the world, the Persian. The big difference is that the hair is much more manageable than a Persian, and they don't have the breathing problems some Persians have, Plus the eyes don't drain like many Persians, and by adding the Munchkin gene, there is no inbreeding, therefore my Napoleons are extremely healthy. You can see our kittens on YouTube 24/7 on Carley's Cattery channel. Pick the one that has the personality and traits you desire, then contact us immediately. 



Previous Kittens Sold from Carley's Cattery

The Standard Napoleons are unique because they have short legs like a dachshund dog. They can still jump and run around just like any cat! They do not have any health related problems due to the short legs like several short legged dog breeds. The Non- Standard Napoleons are just as great as the Standard! They can just jump a bit higher! My opinion is that the Non Standards make the greatest pets as they are beautiful like a Persian but have been improved upon!  

Sire of Kittens is Dusty Lightning


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